Why DigiBridge Healthcare?

We recognize that the diagnosis of cancer is a traumatic event that can profoundly impact the family both emotionally and financially. The limited number of specialized centers for cancer care in our country and the high cost of diagnosis and treatment add to the stress of the disease.

For the first time in India people facing cancer have the opportunity to have convenient access to a comprehensive resource on cancer information, diagnosis, management and care – bridged by technology.

DigiBridge Healthcare uses a secure web based telemedicine platform to access world class expertise without incurring the expense and inconvenience of unnecessary travel.

The various benefits that DigiBridge Healthcare provides are:

• Under the guidance of healthcare experts, DigiBridge has assembled the various components for cancer care – from quality diagnostics, genetic testing and counselling, to clinicians, hospitals, and home care – so that these can be utilized and individulised as per your need.
• Our Health Saathi service guides you through the complex and often stressful journey with cancer. With the expertise of our team of healthcare partners, you’ll have the guidance you need from discovery through recovery.
• The web based secure telemedicine platform allows you to schedule appointments, receive updates and even consult within the convenience of your home so you have to travel only when absolutely necessary.
• In the cancer journey diagnosis is the first and most crucial step – DigiBridge Healthcare trains the staff at medical centers in your city and provides the technology needed for timely and accurate diagnosis by experts in the disease.
• DigiBridge Healthcare recognizes the importance of making latest technology tools (such as genomics and molecular testing) accessible, to ensure right and timely diagnosis.
• DigiBridge Healthcare’s physician-led oversight ensures that at every stage you have access to our advisory board for teleconsultation; diagnosis and management is put together in a way that makes it easy to create personalized treatment plans, designed as per your unique profile.
• DigiBridge offers the home care service for home chemotherapy or any other palliative care to help reduce unnecessary travel and cost.
• Most importantly DigibBridge Healthcare enables you to store your entire medical history and records in our system – and you can access them with your password anytime for future reference/consultation.