Welcome to DigiBridge Healthcare

DigiBridge Healthcare Private Ltd is a healthcare company that aims to provide convenient, high-quality healthcare for those facing cancer in the community across India.
By bringing together a network of renowned cancer experts through technology, we will create a Digital Bridge that provides comprehensive healthcare support –
from screening and diagnosis through treatment and survivorship.

Our Mission

To be the trusted partner for people who live with cancer – those who work to prevent it, fight it, and survive it. We will transform cancer care and provide personalized treatment for people fighting cancer by creating a network of high quality healthcare services through technology.

Why DigiBridge

We recognize that the diagnosis of cancer is a traumatic event that can profoundly impact the family both emotionally and financially. The limited number of specialized centers for cancer care in our country and the high cost of diagnosis and treatment add to the stress of the disease.

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Accreditation and Quality

We have a deep commitment to quality healthcare. All our healthcare partners are NABL and CAP accredited labs or NABH accredited hospitals .